Meet Samantha Vivian

If you move freight to or from Melbourne, there’s a high chance that you’ve dealt with Samantha Vivian, and with over 30 years of Qantas experience, coupled with her passion for helping customers, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Every morning from 7:45am, Samantha begins her day by helping customers – as well as her clerical team – to navigate through the morning freight rush. It’s a role that the married mother of two takes immense pride in.

“I have always loved roles that involve helping people,” says Samantha.

“I enjoy making a difference. We look after important freight shipments and I am satisfied when our customers are happy.”

After working in a number of other roles within Qantas beginning in cabin crew as well as training and recruitment, Qantas Freight was a natural fit for Samantha.

“I decided to join the Qantas Freight team because I wanted to make a difference to the important work being done, and work hard to enhance the customer experience,” says Samantha.

“Every day is different. We’re a very busy, seven day a week operation that includes our night freighter operation as well as passenger flights. 

“Monday through to Thursday are our busiest times as that’s when our domestic night freighter operation runs.

“Supporting my team to manage urgent shipments is a highlight of my role and a real privilege given the importance of these types of shipments and the military-precision timing that goes with uplifting life-saving medical goods.” 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a few challenges at Samantha and her team, they’ve only helped to highlight the importance of air freight in the overall supply chain further.

“Navigating our way through the incredible challenges that Covid-19 has presented has shown me how important the Qantas Freight business is and I am proud of what we've done,” she says.

Outside of work, Samantha loves gardening, cooking, catching up with friends and is a ‘one-eyed Carlton Supporter’.