Pet crates

Best mates deserve the best crates. Choose your Qantas pet crate today.

Selecting the right crate isn’t just about making sure your pet is safe, but that they’re happy and comfortable too. It’s also important the crate you use is airline-approved and measures up with IATA requirements.

We sell crates at all of our major domestic ports, so it's easy to purchase one from your local Qantas Freight terminal. Here's a run down on how to select a suitable crate for your furry friend.

Note that measurements A, B, C and D for determining the dimensions must relate to the largest animal. For more useful information on pet crate requirements – head to the IATA Traveller’s Pet Corner.  

Here, you’ll also find information about crate measurements for two or three animals, as well as special rules for certain breeds - e.g. snub-nosed breeds need a 10% larger container.

Please keep in mind, just like all other air freight items, how much your pet weighs as well as the size of the crate will determine the price of the travel. 

Crate sizes and prices

All our crates are made in Australia and meet the highest standards and IATA requirements. The below sizes are available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Coolangatta, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Townsville - at our domestic freight terminals.

Crate dimensions and pricing
Crate Maximum pet weight  Qantas crate dimensions Accompanied travel
Size of crate for booking
Unaccompanied travel
Size of crate for booking
PP-10 Up to 5kg 49cm x 33cm x 33cm S S AU$45
PP-20 Up to 7 kg 53cm x 37cm x 37cm S S AU$65
PP-30 Up to 11kg 62cm x 41cm x 45cm M S-M AU$90
PP-40 Up to 14kg 73cm x 45cm x 53cm M S-M AU$95
PP-50 Up to 22kg 82cm x 56cm x 60cm M M AU$180
PP-60N Up to 32kg 99cm x 61cm x 68cm L L AU$285
PP-70 Up to  42kg 115cm x 66cm x 80cm* XL XL AU$385
Water bowl size RRP
Small (PP30, PP40, PP50 AU$5.50
Large (PP90, PP80, PP60) AU$8.50

* Note: aircraft type/door dimensions must be considered dependent on route (due to cage size)

We sell selected crates at some of our major terminal locations but do not have crates for hire. If you intend to purchase a crate from us, we suggest you call 13 12 13 in advance to confirm availability.

All Qantas crates conform to the highest standards and IATA requirements. Many private animal transport companies also offer crates for hire.

Multiple pets in the same crate

Pets may travel in the same crate if:

  • They’re the same species, are similar in size and weight, and are used to cohabitation
  • Each pet weighs no more than 14kg individually.

Inside the crate - do's and dont's

  • You can place absorbent material but no straw, kitty litter or newspaper. A puppy training pad is allowed.
  • One small toy is permitted
  • Please do not place food in the crate -  if it spills it becomes uncomfortable and messy
  • A firmly fixed water bowl that your pet can drink from with a funnel on the outside is mandatory
  • Please provide your pet’s name and an emergency contact number.