Doing our bit for conservation

Did you know that Qantas Freight recently helped 34 critically endangered baby loggerhead turtles return home? 

The post-hatchlings were found washed ashore along the south-west coast of Western Australia several months ago and were reported to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DCBA).

The turtles were taken by Parks and Wildlife Services to Perth Zoo where they were assessed by vets before being transferred to two of Western Australia’s rehabilitation centres at AQWA and the Bunbury Dolphin Discover Centre.  

After plenty of love and attention from experienced staff, the turtles were then flown by Qantas from Perth to Exmouth, before being taken offshore by boat and released back into the wild, much to the delight of all involved in the conservation effort and the turtles themselves. 

Environment Minister, Stephen Dawson, praised the efforts of all the organisations involved in nurturing and returning the endangered species back to the wild.

"The release and tracking of these loggerhead turtles is an excellent example of collaboration, and community involvement and support,” said the Minister

"From rescue, to rehabilitation and release, we have seen a number of organisations and community members working towards the conservation of this important marine species.

"Scientific information gathered through satellite tracking will provide a greater understanding into the species' little-known early life.

"The release highlights the importance of people reporting strandings of any marine species to the Parks and Wildlife Service, and the release of rehabilitated animals."

The release is part of conservation efforts to help this critically endangered marine species, with only an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 females known to nest annually in WA.

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