Q-GO Pets

Pet transport

Your pet’s welfare and wellbeing is our priority

With dedicated pet waiting areas at most of our major ground handling facilities, and a team of specialist handling staff, you can be assured your pet will receive the highest level of care. Documents may also be needed to comply with various regulations. Check out the full list of pet travel forms here.

Pets include dogs (not racing greyhounds), cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, domestic fish with no aeration requirements (not intended for resale), and domestic birds that don’t need a permit to travel (maximum four birds per cage). 

All other animals must travel with our Q-GO Animals service.

Booking pets on a domestic flight

Additionally, check out this pet travel fact sheet or FAQs to help ensure the most comfortable and timely travel for your pet.

Service times - domestic travel

  • Booking - Anytime up to two hours before scheduled departure
  • Acceptance - No earlier than two hours before scheduled departure. We recommend a minimum 90 minutes before flight departure.
  • Collection - Please collect your pet 45 to 90 minutes after flight arrival

Please note that time periods are an estimate only and may be subject to change.

International pet travel

Check out this pet travel information or FAQs to find out how you can prepare for your pet’s overseas flight.

We strongly recommend using a specialised pet transportation company for international travel. They can help ensure compliance with origin, transit point and destination quarantine requirements, vet checks and appropriate containers for shipping your pet. 

Service times - international travel

  • Booking - Anytime up to four hours before scheduled departure
  • Acceptance - From three hours before departure
  • Collection - From four hours after arrival.

Please note that time periods are an estimate only and may be subject to change.

Get your forms, and more

If you need help making a booking or want to find out more about our Q-GO Pets service, contact us on 13 12 13. More pet travel information is also available on the domestic and international help pages.

Plus, these forms may be needed to prepare for your pet's travel; including a shipper's certificate, live animal booking request and more.