Refrigerated ULDs and data loggers

Protecting your temperature-sensitive and valuable shipments. 

Refrigerated ULDs

The following temperature-controlled containers have been approved for uplift on Qantas.

  • CSafe - RAP units
  • Envirotainer - RAP units
  • Envirotainer - RKN units

For associated costs, please check our latest international terminal service fees.

Data loggers

When you want to keep track of your freight at every stage of the journey, you can send it with one of the data loggers approved for uplift on Qantas:

  • Adapt Kelvin/Track-It (Active)
  • Cartasense (Passive)
  • Controlant C10.01 (Active)
  • Moog Crossbow ILC3000 (Passive)
  • OnAssett Sentry 500 (Active)
  • Sendum PT300D (Active)
  • Senseaware (Passive)
  • Sentinel 100 (Active)
  • Testo Range H 184 series - H1, G1, T1, T2, T3, T4 (Passive)
  • Tive TT-4000, TT-7100, TT-7700 (Active)


Device approval

At Qantas, safety is our first priority and we are governed by, and comply with, all regulated safety standards.

The approval process to uplift Active and Passive ULDs or data loggers on Qantas services is extensive and costs will be incurred, so please consider the following:

  • The application and approval process can take up to six months
  • Any incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise incorrect applications will be rejected and any resubmissions for the same device may be rejected
  • All associated costs to progress through the approval stages will be at the applicant’s expense (allow up to AU$10,000 per device)

Interested in progressing?

Manufacturers – or companies authorised to act on their behalf - must first register their interest by emailing the applicable regional sales representatives: