Urgent Medical Shipments

Being able to identify special Q-Go Priority life-saving medical shipments means that we can handle these urgent shipments with the care they deserve.    

Life-saving medical shipments

With certain medical shipments, every minute counts. To cater for critical, life-saving freight movements, we've broadened the options for Q-Go Priority commodities to include blood, organs, medical isotopes and urgent medical equipment required for immediate surgery. By selecting any of these commodities during your online booking, we'll be able to more easily identify and manage these urgent shipments.  


Select the right commodity

If you need to book an urgent medical shipment, log into your account, select Q-Go Priority followed by the appropriate commodity from the list below: 

  • Medical equipment required for surgery - MEDICAL SURGERY RELATED MUST RIDE

and then select your preferred flight.

Dangerous Goods Medical

Certain urgent medical shipments such as radioactive isotopes are classified as Dangerous Goods and cannot be booked to a specific flight. Contact us on 13 12 13 if you need to book a DG urgent medical shipment to a particular flight.

To speed up the overall time in our terminals, from 12 Oct 2020, we're reducing the acceptance times for all domestic DG shipments to a minimum of 120 minutes, giving you more flexibility with when you lodge your DG medical freight. 


With thousands of shipments passing through our terminals every hour, correct labelling is one of the most important factors when preparing urgent medical shipments for lodgement. All essential information must be clearly stated on the shipment, and any old labels should be removed prior to lodgement.

Essential information includes:

  • Complete details of the consignee and consignor, including name, contact details and address
  • AWB details
  • Shipment description

Please note Qantas Freight may add further labelling once shipment is lodged to ensure correct handling procedures are followed.