Air Cargo Advance Screening - FAQs

What you need to know about Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS)

What is ACAS?

Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) program evaluates air shipments for threats to aviation. The process requires accurate data submission to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) prior to uplift of all freight. ACAS has been in place for a number of years on a voluntary basis and some carriers already submit data in compliance with the requirements. 

When do the new ACAS requirements take effect?

Qantas is currently working towards ensuring compliance is achieved prior to 11 Jun 2019.  

Isn't USA bound freight already subject to screening requirements?

Yes, however improvements to processes and screening continue to be implemented in order to adhere to changing local legislation. ACAS is specifically in reference to data pre-reporting to the US DHS prior to flight departure.  

Do ACAS requirements change any of the current physical screening processes for US-bound freight?

No. All physical screening requirements under DHS regulations remain applicable.  

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What additional information about my shipment needs to be supplied for ACAS?

There are no new data requirements under the ACAS program, however the accuracy of the data you supply is crucial to avoid delays in line with standard FWB and FHL data. This includes:  

  • Origin and Destination (including routing) of cargo  
  • Full Shipper name and address (including state and post/zip codes)  
  • Full Consignee name and address (including state and post/zip codes)  
  • Accurate Cargo description   
  • Piece and Weight  
    - For Consolidations – the sum of total HAWB pieces and weight must be aligned to MAWB stated pieces (or SLAC) and weight  


How/when etc will this data be submitted to US DHS?

Upon receipt of FWB/FHL into our system, we will automatically onforward the ACAS data to DHS. Please ensure that the correct routing information is included in FWB/FHL.


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How early/late can this information be sent for ACAS approval?

All data  must be submitted prior to last port departure into the US, however we strongly recommended you submit as early as possible in the process to avoid any possible delays.  

How will we be notified that the data has been accepted/rejected?

You will only be contacted if there is an issue with your shipment. 

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What will happen to my shipment if I haven't submitted the relevant information or I have not received approval?

Cargo cannot be uplifted until the information is received by DHS.  

What happens to my freight if I lodge without ACAS approval?

Upon data capture at our terminal, we will on-forward the data. Until completed, cargo will not be loaded.  

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Can you update information for ACAS clearance? If so, how and up to what time prior to departure/arrival into US?

Any changes to the mandatory data elements will need to be re-transmitted to ACAS. All ACAS filing must be completed prior to uplift of cargo.  

My company is a self-reporter for US Import Customs reporting therefore I currently do not supply Qantas with HAWB data. Do I need to now supply this?

Please contact our Freight Sales Support team for further specific discussions . 

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Are there any changes to Terminal Service Fees for this?

There is no change to the current applicable published Terminal Service Fees  

Where do I go if I have further questions about these changes to comply with ACAS?

Please email our Freight Sales Support team

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