International bookings

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help get you started.


From 27 May 2020, customers with access to allotment bookings will see new allotment booking features when you login  to your account. We've created a quick user guide which outlines the new features for you to share with your booking teams.

What visibility will I have for allotments?

You’ll be able to see all allotments for the next forty-five days from the date you are signing in.

Can I search for a specific allotment?

You can limit the allotments shown on the calendar view using the destination port filter, on top of the page. 

How will I know if there is still space available in an allotment?

  • Allotments that are partially booked are marked by a partially-filled green symbol on the calendar view.
  • Allotments that have no bookings or are completely available for booking are marked as empty green symbol.

When is the latest I can book an allotment?

All allotments must be booked 72 hours ahead of departure time. If you don’t secure an allotment ahead of this time, you will not be able to utilise the space. Unused allotments are marked with a red symbol on the calendar view and not shown on quick booking view.

Where do I find the details of an individual allotment?

You can navigate to the individual allotment booking view when you click on the allotment id on calendar view or on the summary report.

The weight, volume, pieces and ULD fields on the individual allotment view or summary report will either show the total capacity booked, the capacity currently available or a zero value if they are not booked.

How do I make a booking in bulk?

Select ‘Quick Booking’ > apply a filter so that only the allotments you’d like to use are on the page.

This is because to complete a booking in bulk, you need to complete only the relevant allotment information. If you were to proceed on this page without a filter, you would need to complete all allotment information before submitting the booking. 

What allotment information is displayed in the Quick Booking tab?

The Quick Booking view displays only the allotments that are partially or completely available for booking.

How will I know when my allotment has been utilised? 

Allotments that are fully booked are marked with a grey symbol on the Calendar view. Such allotments are not available for additional bookings. Alltoments are considered fully booked with regard to either allocated weight or volume or both.

Where can I see a summary of my allotment usage?

Click on the ‘Summary Report’ button on the top right of the page. All allotments for the next forty-five days will appear here.

I'd like to print my Summary Report - how do I do this?

The print option on the summary report view downloads a pdf file with the list of allotments as shown on the summary report page. You can then print this download from your computer.


Can I use an allotment air waybill for an e-booking?

No. Each air waybill is exclusive to its function.  

How late can I edit or cancel a booking?

You can edit or cancel a booking online four hours ahead of the departure time or four hours after the receipt of your FWB. After this, you’ll need to call our Customer Service team on 13 12 13. 

How do I select the commodity I am shipping for my booking?

Let us know the commodity you’re sending by typing ahead on the commodity description field.

When I'm selecting flights, should I include the final destination even if the freight is not being uplifted on a Qantas aircaft?

Yes, we need to be aware if your freight is travelling on one of our partner airlines so we can make sure your shipment makes its next flight. For this reason, all air waybill origin and destination information needs to be included in your booking, even if your freight is not travelling on a Qantas aircraft for a sector.

My air waybill date doesn't match my first flight sector date, how do I know which is correct?

The date field under the air waybill section is when your freight is expected to fly. So, if you intend for your freight to fly on the date as per the first sector you have selected, please sure the air waybill date field is updated with this, too. You’ll need to do this manually by selecting the calendar icon in the air waybill date field.

How do I create a custom flight lane for my shipment?

Enter the first flight sector/leg in the Sector 1 section under Flight details.  

When the Sector 1 is entered, the portal will present the ‘+Add flight sector’ option to enter the next sector. 

Continue to add flight sectors until the flight destination matches the AWB destination. 

Can I create a template for an e-booking so I can easily create the same booking in the future?

Yes. To do this, enter a valid template name at the end of the booking form and press ‘Save As Template’. There’s also a separate option to create templates on the MyFreight page – it's called ‘e-Bookings template’. 

How can I access all my e-booking templates?

Go to the MyFreight page and select ‘e-Bookings template’. From here, you can download the list of all the available templates in a csv file by using the download button.