Successful exporting takes careful planning and commitment to ensure you not only meet exporting regulations, but also satisfy Border Force requirements.

Understanding and preparing for risks associated with exporting before you get started can be crucial. These risks include foreign exchange, political, shipping, quarantine, and legal issues. Integrating risks into your business or export plan can help you mitigate them.

Austrade can help you determine whether your business is ready for export with the international Readiness Indicator

As an exporter, you can also access a range of support services through Austrade, a well as financial assistance through state and territory governments.

Australian Customs requirements for exporting

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will need to clear your goods for export. You also need to know what restrictions and export regulations apply.

Read more about customs requirements for exports.

Country starter packs for exporting to Asia

Looking to export to Asia? A free suite of 11 Country Starter Packs are available from Asialink Business, covering Indonesia, Thailand, Republic of Korea, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan. The Country Starter Packs provide up-to-date information on each country to help you do business there.

Download the packs for free at Asialink Business, or access them via the Asialink Country Starter Pack app.

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Australia has a number of FTAs with overseas countries that give businesses better access to those markets. Read more about Australia's free trade agreements.