Export Storage Fees

What you need to know about export storage fees

When do export storage fees apply?

Export storage fees apply for loose freight and ULDs booked on passenger aircraft when lodged 24 hours or more before scheduled departure. For shipments lodged within 24 hours of flight departure, storage fees do not apply. However, until 31 January 2019, complimentary storage will be extended by four hours, so no fees will apply if freight is delivered less than 28 hours prior to scheduled departure.

How long will the extended complimentary storage period of up to 28 hours be in place for?

The usual complimentary storage period of up to 24 hours has been extended to up to 28 hours for lodgements until 31 January 2019. 

Why are you introducing export storage fees?

Export storage fees were introduced in 2016 and are standard fees across the industry. Our storage fees are competitive and in line with global standards. Since September 2018, we have been consistently applying storage fees for any period 24 hours or more before scheduled flight departure.

How can we avoid storage fees?

The easiest way to avoid fees is to plan ahead and lodge export freight within 24 hours of scheduled departure and prior to lodgement cut-off times. Our terminal opening hours can be found here.

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Do storage fees now apply to Dangerous Goods shipments?

No, all DGs are exempt from storage fees. 

Does the fee apply to shipments booked on freighter services?  

No, shipments lodged for freighter services are exempt from storage fees.

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Are fees incurred whilst freight is in the terminal for trans-ship?

No, trans-ship movements do not incur storage fees.

Where would I find your storage fee charges?

All storage fees can be found online.

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Are storage fees standard across the industry?

Yes, all CTOs charge storage fees after a certain grace period and our fees are very competitive in Australia and overseas. 

What shipments are exempt from export storage fees?

The following shipments are exempt from export storage fees: 

  • Freight booked on freighter flights 
  • Part-Shipments 
  • Any freight impacted by flight schedule delays or changes 
  • DGs 
  • Trans-shipments

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Is anything happening for those who have already been charged storage fees for lodgement?

Credits will be provided to any businesses who have been charged storage fees for freight dropped off in the extra grace period of between 24-28 hours. This additional four-hour grace period is in place until 31 Jan 2019, after which time the complimentary storage period will revert to up to 24 hours prior to departure.

Who do I contact if I have questions about export storage charges?

Any queries or concerns should be sent to freightinvoices@qantas.com.au

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