Accompanied pet travel FAQs

Due to the reduced number of domestic flights, we have temporarily suspended the option to book accompanied pets with Qantas Freight.

We have put together some FAQs to help explain what your options are for transporting your pet or animal over the coming weeks.

Q: Given there are only a few flights operating domestically each week, can I still book air travel for my pet or animal?

A: Yes, you can still book your pet or animal for travel on Qantas. We have recently reintroduced the ability to book unaccompanied pet and animal travel online or you can choose to book with a pet travel specialist who will take care of the entire booking process for you. The temporary suspension to accompanied pet travel is still in place until further notice. 

Q: What is the best way to book my pet or animal for travel during the reduced flying period?

A: There are still three options for you to make an unaccompanied pet booking. You can

  • Book online 
  • Call our Customer Service team on 13 12 13 during business hours 
  • Use a pet transport specialist 

Q: I want to travel with my pet and would normally make an accompanied pet booking. Why can’t I do that now?

With the limited number of domestic flights operating across Australia, we are currently limiting bookings to unaccompanied travel only as these pet movements can be managed more effectively in the event of a disruption because they are not linked to a passenger booking. There are also operational considerations for accompanied pet travel resulting from the reduced schedule which we are currently assessing. 

Q: I have booked my pet as unaccompanied but I plan to travel as well. What do I need to do and where should I drop off and pick up my pet?

A: You will need to drop off your pet within the recommended times at the Qantas Freight Domestic Terminal in your departure port, giving yourself sufficient time to reach the passenger terminal and check in for the flight. You will pick up your pet from the Qantas Freight Domestic Terminal in your arrival port. 

Q: How long will the temporary suspension for accompanied pet bookings be in place for?

A: We are working through the operational considerations for accompanied pet bookings but as yet, we do not have an expected timeframe. Pet and animal travel can be arranged by making an unaccompanied booking online, by calling us on 13 12 13 during business hours, or by contacting a pet transport specialist. 

Q: Where can I find information regarding pet travel specialists?

A: Qantas Freight works with a number of pet transport providers, including specialists who have been approved to book and manage travel for brachycephalic (snub-nosed/flat-faced) breeds. As there are a number of pet travel specialists, we recommend you search and review all your options.