International Freight Assistance Mechanism

Qantas Freight supports IFAM with charter flights to Auckland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

We’ve been working with the Federal Government and the newly established International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) to assist with providing freight-only flights to help support Australian exporters continue to move freight into key global markets. 

From 5 May 2020, we will operate IFAM charter flights from Australia to Auckland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo (Narita) using A330-300 passenger aircraft as freight-only flights. Services will operate for at least six weeks and details of the schedules are below.

For information on this government initiative, including details of the companies selected as service providers, how to register your interest in accessing IFAM and which exports are eligible, please visit Austrade’s website.

Freight forwarders and exporters can request space for high-value perishable goods through the selected IFAM agents. Non-IFAM agents can also request space for eligible agricultural and fisheries produce on any Qantas services at and we will confirm your booking, subject to available space, approximately 48 hours before scheduled departure. Please note that priority will be given to premium seafood, meat, dairy and horticultural produce. Pet and animal bookings will not be accepted on these services.      

IFAM charter flight schedules

Flights to/from Auckland

From To Flight Day of operation Commencement date Depart Arrive
BNE AKL QF119 Sat 16 May 08:45 13:55
AKL BNE QF126 Sat 16 May 15:25 17:20
MEL AKL QF153 Thu 14 May 11:45 17:20
AKL MEL QF158 Thu 14 May 18:55 21:10

Flights to/from Hong Kong

From To Flight Day of operation Commencement date Depart Arrive
BNE CNS QF97 Tue, Thu 7 May 09:30 11:45
CNS HKG QF97 Tue, Thu 7 May 13:15 18:35
HKG BNE QF98 Fri 8 May 22:35 09:20+1
HKG BNE QF98 Sat 9 May 20:35 07:20+1
MEL HKG QF29 Fri, Sat 9 May 11:25 19:05
HKG MEL QF30 Tue, Thu 12 May 20:00 07:25+1

Flights to/from Singapore

From To Flight Day of operation Commencement date Depart Arrive
BNE SIN QF51 Tue 5 May 11:50 18:00
SIN BNE QF52 Fri 8 May 20:30 06:00+1
MEL SIN QF35 Thu 7 May 15:55 22:05
SIN MEL QF36 Wed 6 May 20:15 05:45+1

Flights to/from Tokyo

From To Flight  Day of operation Commencement date Depart Arrive
SYD NRT QF21 Tue 5 May 13:00 22:05
NRT SYD QF22 Wed 6 May 20:00 06:55+1

These services are in addition to our regularly scheduled freighter network and the additional daily A330-300 freight-only flights operating between Sydney and Shanghai from 1 May 2020.

The way you request and pay for space on our international network has been updated and you can find the information here.