Q-Go Priority Booking Updates

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Q-Go Priority booking updates

In line with the robust security measures across domestic air freight, we’re modifying our Q-Go Priority booking options for selected customers to align more closely with Government expectations.

Effective from 30 July 2021, the option to select a specific flight for air freight shipments will be limited to customers who are certified as Regulated Air Cargo Agents (RACAs), Accredited Air Cargo Agents (AACAs) or Known Consignors (KCs).

All customers will still have the ability to book a lodgement time for Q-Go Priority shipments, which is a popular option for many customers. All other benefits of our Q-Go Priority service stay the same including highest onload priority and faster processing times at arrival port.

All certified agents with RACA, AACA or KC status have existing Government-approved, secure supply chain protocols in place which ensures that their freight is cleared and ready for uplift on a preferred flight.

Once freight has been lodged, shipments can be tracked via your account on qantasfreight.com and if the flight has departed, an estimated delivery time will be shown in the tracking status. 

Booking portal upgrade to offer a new option for Q-Go Priority bookings

We’re also upgrading our online booking portal to offer all account customers without RACA, AACA or KC status the option to select a preferred collection window as an alternative to a lodgement time.  We'll update this page when the new option is ready to launch.  

Booking animals as Q-Go Priority shipments

Animals such as insects, bees and other specialist movements requiring Q-Go Priority service will need to be booked through our Customer Service team and will be exempt from the Manual Booking Service Fee. Call 13 12 13 during office hours to make a booking. 


I’m not an accredited agent (RACA, AACA, KC) – can I still book Q-Go Priority? 

Yes, you can book online and select a lodgement time as you can today. You won’t however be able to select a particular flight as this option is only available for accredited agents. 

The arrival time is important for me - when will I know which flight by Q-Go Priority shipment is on? 

You can track your freight online and check for updates.  If you have an online account profile, your existing auto-notifications will remain and you will receive proactive email updates on the status of your shipment. 

Can I call the Customer Service team to find out what flight my freight is on? 

The Customer Service team will not be able to assist with freight tracking.  You can track the estimated delivery time of your freight once you’ve logged into your account.

I’m a Known Consignor. Are there any changes for my business? 

No, all Government-accredited RACAs, AACAs and KCs can continue to book Q-Go Priority shipments as you do today.


I’d like to be able to continue to select a flight. How can I arrange this? 

RACAs, AACAs and KCs are be able to select a flight during the booking flow. If you’re interested in becoming an accredited agent, visit the Department of Home Affairs website