Export air freight security

Find out how you can best plan for new security screening requirements out of Australia.

How you can best prepare

Only pre-screened freight will be accepted in consolidated format for bypass at the freight terminal. The Department of Home Affairs have outlined what you'll need to do when sending freight from March 2019:

  • For export air cargo to the US there will be no change, as this cargo is already examined at piece-level.
  • For export air cargo to destinations other than the US, there will probably be an increased level of screening required. You should contact your freight forwarder, or Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA), to discuss what the changes will mean for your cargo.
  • Businesses approved as known consignors (KCs) will be able to use their KC security program for air cargo they export to all international destinations, not just the US.

Recent Australian Federation of International Forwarders (AFIF) discussions with suppliers highlighted it can take up to six months to select, install and test new scanning equipment if you plan on carrying out the screenings pre-lodgement, so it’s important to act now and choose a supplier to qualify for RACA status.