New aircraft, new possibilities

Two next-generation, Boeing 747-8 freighters are here.

Qantas Freight is proud to take the best of Australia to the world, and bring the best of the world to Australia. Since carrying mail on our first flight almost 100 years ago, we’ve been supporting the freight industry through our investments in aircraft and technology. Now, a new era has arrived, with two Boeing 747-8F aircraft having joined our fleet.

The aircraft carries cargo on Qantas Freight’s existing network between 10 key cargo hubs in Australia, China and the United States.

Respected as the world’s most reliable freighter, the B747-8F can carry over 130 tonnes — offering up to 20 per cent more freight capacity with space for seven extra pallets. With over 119mmore space and the latest technology, our new delivery will make your next delivery easier and more efficient. 

The addition of the B747-8F complements existing belly space on our Qantas and Jetstar passenger flights, as well as our dedicated freighters. We’ve got you covered with over 300 aircraft helping to keep the freight industry moving across our domestic and international operations.  

So, no matter what you’re sending, we can help you get it there. 

More lift, less impact

We're committed to a better, cleaner world. That's why we chose the B747-8F. Specifically designed to have as little environmental impact as possible, you can rest assured that sending your products with Qantas Freight won't just be better for your business, it will be better for the planet.

Read our Boeing 747-8F media release on the Qantas Newsroom.