Accompanied pet travel

We know your pet is a big part of your family, so we’ll treat them like they’re a big part of ours too. With our domestic accompanied pets service, they’ll be in the safest hands possible – and not too far away. 

If you’re planning to take your pet on the same flight as you, we recommend you make your pet’s booking first as there are some restrictions on the flights we offer pet travel on due to aircraft limitations. 

Our accompanied pet price

If you're planning to travel with your pet, we offer two crates up to 65kg each (including your pet) at a special accompanied pet price. If your crate is over 65kg, the price will be at the standard rate for pets travelling on their own.

Getting started

You’ll need to know the size and dimensions of the pet crate as well as the overall combined weight of the crate and your pet to get a quote and book, so that’s a good place to start. We also recommend you make the booking for your pet first as there are limitations on the flights we offer pet travel on.

What is defined as a pet?

At Qantas, we define pets as: 

  • Dogs (excluding racing greyhounds and banned breeds) 
  • Cats 
  • Rabbits 
  • Guinea pigs 
  • Domestic fish with no aeration needs (and not intended for resale) 
  • Domestic birds that don’t need a travel permit (maximum four birds per cage). 

For more information about what conditions are like in the hold and terminal, the permits you’ll need, weight limits and much more, just head to our FAQs.

Selecting the right crate

It’s important that the crate you use is airline-approved and measures up with IATA requirements. This isn’t just about making sure your pet is safe, but that they’re happy and comfortable too.  

You can purchase a crate from one of our major domestic terminals. Read more on our pet crates page. Here you’ll also find information about crate measurements for two or three animals, as well as special rules for certain breeds (e.g. snub-nosed breeds need a 10% larger container).

Ready to book?

Simply jump onto our booking page here and pay online. If you have any questions or you’re after for more information about how we can make your pet’s journey the best it can be – please give us a call.

Service times - domestic travel for pets

  • Booking - Anytime up to two hours before scheduled departure 
  • Acceptance - No earlier than two hours before scheduled departure. We recommend a minimum 90 minutes before flight departure. 
  • Collection - Please collect your pet 45 to 90 minutes after flight arrival 

Please note that time periods are an estimate only and may be subject to change.