Capacity protection policy


In April 2020, Qantas Freight introduced a Capacity Protection Policy designed to reduce any unused air freight space during periods when freight capacity is constrained.

The policy enables us to be more efficient with limited freight capacity and aims to avoid underutilising all available space, ensuring we can satisfy more customers during times of high demand.

The Capacity Protection Policy is currently in place for all Qantas and Jetstar international freight bookings departing from Australia and will be in place until further notice.


The policy explained

Under the policy, effective from 7 July 2020, customers have the opportunity to cancel their confirmed booking up to 48 hours before scheduled departure without being charged a fee. Any bookings with a waitlist status can be cancelled at any time prior to confirmation without being charged a fee.

Fees will apply for late cancellations and no-shows.



Qantas Freight amended the policy on 7 July 2020 to provide customers with more flexibilty for booking changes. From this date, there are no fees for changes made to confirmed bookings within 48 hours of scheduled departure.

Fees apply to cancellations or no-shows. If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled departure, or if no shipment is lodged, the confirmed booked weight of the shipment will be charged in full as a cancellation or no-show fee.

How to book

We've created an easy guide to help you understand how to secure your space with Qantas Freight.