Ground handling and other fees

We operate a network of ground handling terminals throughout Australia and in Los Angeles. Different charges apply for domestic and international shipments.

Schedule of charges

The basic cost of air freight is determined by either the weight or the size of your shipment. Find out more about calculating your freight costs here. Other fees will apply depending on what is being shipped, any specialist handling requirements or other services that may be needed. Booking fees may also apply depending on how you book but there are exceptions for selected shipments. 

Fees are in AUD, exclude GST and apply per air waybill.

Qantas Freight reserves the right to recharge all or part of any ground handling fee if a shipment is rejected and resubmitted (completely or partially).

Manual booking service fee and exceptions

From 1 Oct 2020, a fee of A$30 (excl GST) per AWB will apply when general bookings are made through our Customer Service team via phone or email. 


Fees will not apply for bookings made with our Customer Service team for the following international and domestic (if applicable) shipments: 

  • Flights departing within 24 hours
  • Dangerous goods, including radioactive material
  • Special moves including firearms and valuable cargo
  • Itineraries which include interline (081 and other airlines) or trucking sectors (within AU or overseas) 
  • Oversize bookings
  • Splitting bookings 
  • Human remains
  • Animal shipments such as bees or insects booked as Q-Go Priority