Baggage freight services

We offer unaccompanied baggage services from all our major international freight terminals in Australia.

Eligible goods will be sent on a space available basis from airport to airport, and include:

  • clothing and books
  • musical instruments and sporting equipment.

Customers wishing to send unaccompanied baggage internationally (outside of Australia) will need to utilise a dedicated freight forwarder or purchase excess baggage through our passenger network. 


At drop off

You’ll need to present your passport and proof of intended travel (a boarding pass, airline-issued itinerary or e-ticket is sufficient). Here items are re-weighed and measured to determine the cost of your shipment (excluding terminal fees). Our team will also request a list of the items packed for sending. 

Tracking and picking up unaccompanied baggage

Once baggage is accepted, our team will provide an air waybill number which can be used to track your freight.

Our Qantas ground handling agent will have your goods ready for collection. Depending on the port you’re collecting from certain charges may apply, such as customs, storage, quarantine, and terminal fees. This will be determined once baggage has arrived. 

Get a quote for baggage services

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  • Weight (kg)
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