Mildura - MQL

Handling agent

NTL Aviation Services

All freight in regional airports will be accepted 90-65 minutes before flight departure and handed out 10-20 minutes after flight arrival, unless organised by prior arrangement with your local regional terminal. There are no storage facilities at most regional terminals and freight must be collected on flight arrival.


Qantas Freight Ground Handling

Mildura Airport
Alan Mathews Drive
Mildura VIC 3500

Lodgement and collection

You can lodge or collect freight on all flights out of and into Mildura.

Closed on Christmas Day.

For the safety and protection of all, customers entering our terminals must read and adhere to our safety standards at all times.


Business hours general enquiries
Phone: +61 407 270 292

After hours terminal contact
Phone: 13 12 13

Special conditions

  • Please contact NTL Aviation Services for payment services available. Phone: +61 407 270 292
  • Dry ice only - no other dangerous goods accepted.