Safety at our terminals

Everybody has the right to return home safely. That's why creating a safe, secure and healthy environment for our customers and people is always our top priority.

When visiting our terminal facilities, it’s important to remember that our lodgement and collection areas are often closely located to, or are themselves deemed to be operational areas. For this reason, a heightened level of awareness and adherence to all safety measures is required to ensure the safety of all.

Before arriving at any of our facilities, please read and familiarise yourself with any specific safety measures and requirements in place at your nearest Qantas Freight location.

In our terminals, customers must adhere to our safety principles which include:

  • Follow the direction of any Qantas employees or security personnel, including during an emergency
  • Follow directional signage for vehicles and pedestrians - including maintaining a safe speed, parking bays and footways
  • Remain in vehicles when waiting in equipment areas, forklift zones and dock areas unless for operational purposes
  • Wear appropriate clothing, including secure enclosed shoes
  • Enter terminal buildings via 'Check-in' 
  • Maintain a minimum three metre distance between yourself and any other moving vehicles, including forklifts
  • Ensure all loads are safely restrained upon arrival and before leaving the terminal  
  • Children under 17 years old are not permitted on-site
  • Practise COVID-safe principles including sanitising hands, staying at least 1.5m apart, or wearing a mask. Please be aware that COVID-safe requirements may differ across our facilities depending on State Government advice

Truck Drivers

  • Ensure you are in the green designated driver zone when you get out of your vehicle
  • Wear high-vis clothing and steel cap boots when entering docks or forklift/truck bays

Collecting pets from our terminals

  • If you are lodging or collecting a pet or animal, ensure that it is kept within its crate at all times on-site
  • You can choose to collect your pet yourself (excluding brachycephalic breeds) by pre-arranging it with your pet travel specialist, however to ensure the safety of all, before proceeding to our terminals all customers must read and understand our safety guide.