International Restart

Qantas and Jetstar adjust domestic and international capacity settings

Qantas and Jetstar are temporarily adjusting flying levels for the third quarter of FY22 to better match travel demand in light of the sudden growth in COVID-19 cases. 

This reduction is driven by increased travel restrictions in countries like Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. Other markets such as London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Johannesburg will continue, however there will be ongoing freight capacity constraints on these routes.

These services complement our International Freight Assistance Mechanism freight-only flights, and we have the flexibility to increase capacity as soon as demand increases and travel restrictions ease.

 We'll keep you updated as we add more services to our schedules. You can also find more information on Qantas' international plans here.

International flights to/from Sydney

Between Sydney and Carrier Flights commence*
London (Heathrow) (via Darwin) Qantas 1 November 2021
Los Angeles Qantas 1 November 2021
Singapore  Qantas 23 November 2021
Delhi (via Adelaide outbound) Qantas 6 December 2021
Nadi  Qantas 7 December 2021
Nadi Jetstar 17 December 2021
Vancouver Qantas 18 December 2021
Honolulu (flights suspended from 31 January - 26 March 2022)
Qantas 20 December 2021
Johnannesburg Qantas 4 January 2022
Phuket Jetstar 12 January 2022
Bangkok Qantas 14 January 2022
Dallas Fort Worth
Qantas 16 February 2022
Tokyo (Haneda) Qantas 27 March 2022
Noumea Qantas 27 March 2022
Rome (via Perth) Qantas 22 June 2022

* subject to Government and Regulatory approval

International flights to/from Melbourne

Between Melbourne and Carrier Flights commence*
Singapore Qantas 22 November 2021
London (Heathrow) (via Darwin) Qantas 27 November 2021
Singapore Jetstar 16 December 2021
Los Angeles Qantas 19 December 2021
Delhi (via Adelaide outbound) Qantas 22 December 2021

* subject to Government and Regulatory approval

International rates

We’re updating the International Rate Books (IRB) to reflect the new international passenger flights and as new destinations are added, further rates will be added to your IRB.

Our international passenger network will continue to expand and there may be routes where both IFAM and passenger flights operate. Where this occurs, please be mindful that the day of week and flight number you choose will impact the rate you pay.

Please note that there may be other routes where complementary services will mean different rates will apply to day-of-week operations and we recommend you check your International Rate Book online prior to booking so you’re aware of the rate that will apply.