Pet booking policy update

An important update to our pet travel policy due to the ongoing changes across our domestic network.

Pet booking policy update

At Qantas, safety is our first priority. In our terminals and in the air, we’re focused on protecting our staff, our customers and all the pets and animals who fly with us. We need to ensure that we're offering pet transport in a safe and convenient way and addressing all the latest safety measures recommended by health authorities for pet travel.

Temporary suspension of multi-sector bookings for pet transport  

For new bookings from 8 Jul 21, pet travel itineraries will be limited to single sector bookings to avoid the complexity of transfers due to disrupted schedules which are impacting onward connections. Any travel requiring more than one sector will need to be booked separately. Pets must be collected at the transfer point by an agent and re-lodged between 90 and 120 mins prior to onward flight under the new AWB, so please keep this in mind when booking the second sector. 

Any existing multi-sector bookings for travel up to and including 13 Jul 21 will be honoured. For new bookings and existing bookings for travel after 13 Jul 21, please create new, single-sector bookings as the existing booking will be cancelled. We will review this temporary change to policy as soon as schedules are more certain and transfers more easily accommodated.  

Our revised pet travel policy

We've changed our booking process for the safety and wellbeing of all. 
From 19 Aug 2020, direct bookings via, email and phone for domestic pet travel have been suspended. Bookings can continue be made through one of our preferred pet travel specialists

If you wish to collect your pet at the domestic terminal, you'll need to arrange this with your pet travel specialist, as details must be included in the booking and appear on the air waybill. Everything you need to know about picking up your pet can be found in our simple guide



Book with a pet travel specialist

Any new booking for domestic pet and animal transport made on or after 19 Aug 2020 will need to be booked via a Qantas Freight-approved pet travel specialist.

Pet travel specialists are the experts in handling every part of your pet’s journey. From making the booking with us to managing the drop off and pick up at our terminals, their staff are fully trained and experienced in all the protocols required for safe lodgement and collection of pets and animals. This is particularly important in times when disruptions may be more common as a result of operational changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Qantas Freight has a list of pre-approved pet travel specialists who have been certified to manage the more complex travel requirements of brachycephalic dog breeds. They are experts in all types of pet transport - not just brachycephalic breeds who require additional checks to ensure they are fit for air travel - so take a look and select an agent from our approved list.

Collecting pets from terminals

You can choose to collect your pet yourself (unless classified as a brachycephalic breed, in which case your pet specialist must collect on your behalf) by pre-arranging it with your pet travel specialist.
However, to ensure the safety of all, before proceeding to our terminals all customers must read and understand our safety checklist as it's important that you understand the safety measures in place at our terminals to protect our staff, our customers and the pets that travel with us.