Shipping for SMEs

We’re here to help, and on this page you’ll find all the ways our air freight logistics make it easier to take your products to the world.

'Door to Door' vs. 'Airport to Airport'

If you have your own fleet, airport to airport should cut out extra hands from your logistics provider in the process.

If you require small business shipping services, door to door might be the best option. You’ll still get a same day service on both, and access to our domestic, international or export belly and freighter space services.

Using an accredited freight forwarding agent

Unless you can provide customs paper work, exports or import clearance and first/ last mile delivery, we’d recommend using accredited freight and logistics companies.

Finding freight logistics companies who’ll do it all might cost more upfront than doing it yourself, but it could save you time and money. We have freight terminals across Australia, and around the world. Using us (or directing your forwarding agent to) means you’ll streamline the handling process – and save while you do it. 

Service options

Finding a service that suits your needs is very important, but understanding your supply chain should make this easy. We’ve got a lot of options – from small freight shipping to container logistics, and from urgent to economical – so let us know what you need, or expect.

Sending food in Australia

Australia is a big country, and sometimes it can be hard to find a shipping logistics company who offers end-to-end cool room services. Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll help you find the right service. 

Packaging and costs

When it comes to air freight, it’s all about the space you take up in the aircraft. 

You’ll find everything you need to know about smart, cost effective packaging on our packing tips page

This includes information on getting your labelling right to understanding weights, costs and security – as well as plenty of other tips and services.


We don’t offer insurance, but we’d recommend taking out your own. Make sure you investigate carefully because most logistics transportation companies offer zero liability.

Extra costs

There are no extra costs for shipping within Australia, but you may need an export license for international freight.