Fire-resistant ULDs

Trials of new Fire-Resistant LAY containers commence across our operation.

Fire-resistant ULDs (FRCs) now featured in domestic and international trials        

With more than 10,000 ULDs in circulation to support our freight operation, we're experts when it comes to the benefits of unit load devices. There's currently a growing demand to air freight a range of Dangerous Goods, including far more powerful Lithium Batteries which can cause significant damage to aircraft from possible in-flight combustion.

So, we're expanding our range of ULDs to cater for fast, secure Dangerous Goods shipments. In May 2022, we commenced a trial with three of the leading fire-resistant (FRC) ULD manufacturers - Nordisk, Safran and Satco - to test a range of LAY FRC containers across our network. Up to 12 FRC units (10 LAYs and 2 AAYs) will be introduced to our ULD range for use on domestic Australia flights, before the trial expands to include our international network. 

Operation of FRCs

These purpose-built fire-resistant containers have been designed to withhold a fire for a minimum of 6 hours by reducing the air flow into the ULD. Fire containment is possible thanks to the new door features and technology. Doors are velcro-free, yet easy to secure due to the innovative closure functions. To see a Satco FRC being opened and closed, view this video here.

Remember, FRC containers are more expensive than other ULDs and, if damaged, are no longer fire rated. Therefore, if you are using an FRC during the trial, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the safe loading, opening and closing of the container.

Aircraft in trial

The trial of FRC units will be limited to the main deck of the following freighter aircraft types:

  • B737F
  • A321F
  • B767F