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Tips for shipments to USA

We're experiencing high demand for our passenger services to Los Angeles and there are ongoing delays with uplift of Classic bookings as Express and Priority shipments have higher onload priority. All Classic shipments will continue to be waitlisted until space is available and we recommend upgrading your booking to Express or Priority if the shipment is time-sensitive. Our Customer Service team will be unable to assist with Classic booking confirmations, so please check online or wait for email notifications for status updates. Upgrading a Classic booking to Express or Priority online is easy, simply select Manage International Shipments after logging into your account and follow the edit booking process. 

Impact of COVID-19 at our terminals

Similar to many other industries across the country, the latest COVID-19 variant is impacting staff numbers at some of our terminals. Please bear with us as there may be delays in normal terminal operations. We're working to minimise the disruption and appreciate your support. 

A reminder that you can always track your shipment via AWB online and wait for the status to show as ready for delivery before arriving at the terminal. In some major terminals including Sydney and Melbourne, masks must be worn at all times both within and in areas surrounding our terminals. Also remember to ensure masks are well-fitted and worn appropriately, fully covering both nose and mouth, and hands are sanitised before entering the terminals. 

Latest restrictions and impacts to schedules

All states and territories are regularly amending lockdowns and border restrictions to reduce the risk of community transmission. These changes have a significant impact on our flying operation resulting in last-minute changes to schedules or flight cancellations. As the flight your freight has been booked on may be impacted by schedule changes, we recommend you check the status of the flight online before you arrive at the terminals. For regional carriers such as REX Airlines, please visit their website to confirm flight status. 

Changes to our pet booking policy

Our updated pet travel policy means that all pet bookings must be booked through a pet travel specialist. From 19 Aug 2020, domestic pet travel itineraries will be limited to single sector bookings and trips with more than one sector will need to be booked separately
to avoid the complexity of transfers due to disrupted schedules which are impacting onward connections.
Your pet will be collected at the transfer point by your agent and re-lodged for the second flight between 90 and 120 mins prior to departure.
In addition, any new pet and animal bookings to London and Vancouver have been temporarily suspended when travel commences to these destinations in late 2021.

Collecting your pet at the terminal?

Before proceeding to our terminals, all customers must read and understand our safety checklist and adhere to all the safety measures in place at our terminals to protect our staff, our customers and the pets that travel with us.