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All our latest updates and news on the Qantas Freight operation.

Split shifts at our terminals

We've introduced roster segmentation at our terminals, as an additional COVID-19 safety measure for our staff and visitors to the terminal. During shift changes, there may be slight delays to front counter support and freight processing and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Introducing Dock Direct

Dock Direct is our new, all-digital management platform which links our refreshed online portal with a new, purpose-built mobile app for drivers. Designed exclusively for our Australian International Terminal customers, Dock Direct will be rolled out soon, starting with Import Collections in Sydney at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Find out more.

Changes to our pet booking policy

From 1 Aug 2022, pets can be shipped domestically on multi-sector bookings through one of our preferred pet travel specialists and domestic travel itineraries are no longer limited to single sector bookings. This change excludes brachycephalic breeds that will remain limited to single sector bookings to ensure the safety and wellbeing of these breeds.  

Accompanied pet travel is not available until further notice. 

Effective from late April 2022, pet travel specialists can make bookings for travel between Australia and London, and Australia and Vancouver. The temporary suspension on pet travel from Hong Kong to Australia remains in place. 

Our current pet travel policy means that all pet bookings must be booked through a pet travel specialist.

Collecting your pet at the terminal?

Before proceeding to our terminals, all customers must read and understand our safety checklist and adhere to all the safety measures in place at our terminals to protect our staff, our customers and the pets that travel with us.